Route 6. Costa Doce (PR-G 96)

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The route begins in the Castle of Fontán, in the port of Sada, and goes through this ancient fishing village until the entrance of the “Mount of the Poor” or “A Canteira”. At this point you can choose to continue along the coast or the old Camino Real.

The route takes us up to three viewpoints with rest areas. The first stands up near the Punta da Herba, from where we can see the beach of Morazón and the Pena da Herba; the second is the viewpoint da Ría, where there are excellent panoramic views. From this point the route continues through the coastal plain to reach the beach of Arnela where lies the third viewpoint. Continuing by existing paths, we link with another road that takes to the Cruceiro (stone cruise) of Carnoedo and, somewhat later, to the place of Pedreira.

The route continues on a path running through mixed forests. At the Campo de la Cruz we descend towards Punta San Mamede, where there is a magnificent view of the Ría de Betanzos and Ría de Ares.

After a series of forest routes that show a great view, we arrive at the coastal beach of Cirro, which is the arrival point and also connects with Oleiros North Coast Route (route 5).

A. Castle of Fontán-Cruceiro of Carnoedo:
Length: 2,4 km
Duration: 1 h
B. Cruceiro of Carnoedo-Beach of Cirro:
Length: 7 km
Duration: 3 h
Difficulty: Easy
Type of route: Lineal, bidirectional
Starting point: Castle of Fontán
Point of arrival: Beach of Cirro
Municipalities: Sada

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