Route 3. Mount Xalo e os sete regos

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Route designed with three circuits linked together, offering several levels of difficulty.

The route begins in front of the Romanesque church of Santa María de Cambre, built in the late twelfth century and declared a National Monument, and leads to the place of Os Campóns, after crossing the railway and the river Mero. Later we reach the Font of San Benito and its beautiful chapel.

This path coincides with part of the Camino Inglés to Santiago de Compostela and continues along different paths that cross various places, such as Tabeado, Vinxeira or Celas de Peiro, reaching the highest point of the route, Mount Xalo, from which to admire spectacular views of the region. Then we descend towards Folgueira, reaching the mills of Vilaverde.

Once crossed the river Brexa, you come back to Tabeado and down towards Sergude, where it links up again with the Camino Inglés. The route crosses again the river Brexa and continues to other places such as Grela, Folgueira, Santa María de Vigo and Andeiro, to cross for the last time the Brexa stream. From here you can enjoy the view from Mount Meán, which drops to places like A Aldea or As Rexas. Finally we reach Socampo, close to the point of arrival, the Campo da Feira of Cambre.

Length: 52 km
Duration: 5 h
Difficulty: Easy
Type of route: Three circular routes
Starting point: Museum of Cambre
Point of arrival: Church of santa María de Cambre
Municipalities: Carral, Cambre and Culleredo

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