The region of As Mariñas

1. Abegondo
2. Arteixo
3. Bergondo
4. Betanzos
5. Cambre
6. Carral
7. Culleredo
8. Oleiros
9. Sada
The region of As Mariñas in Galicia

In the municipality of Arteixo you can find a hiking route, the Sisalde-Arteixo Coast route and two Mariñán Roteiro routes, the route of Sisalde’s river and the one of Arteixo-Xalo-Paleo.


Cambre has a hiking route, the Rivers of Cambre route and two Mariñán Roteiro routes, the route of Mount Xalo and os sete Regos (especially for mountain bike) and the path of Around Cambre.


In Oleiros there are three hiking routes: the route of the port of Dexo, the route of Seixo Branco and the one of the Mera lighthouses. You also have a Mariñán Roteiro route, called the North Coast of Oleiros (PR-G 87).


For its part, Sada has two hiking trails, the routes Sada-O Castro and PR-G Costa Doce, and a route of the Roteiro Mariñán, called Costa Doce (PR-G 96).


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RS: Hiking routes of As Mariñas (in blue) RM: Roteiro Mariñán routes (in orange)

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